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Fukushima fire festival


Giant torches blaze away at the Taimatsu Akashi festival in Sukagawa City, Fukushima Prefecture, on Saturday night. Taimatsu Akashi is one of Japan’s three big fire festivals. It began in 1589, and is held to mourn and express gratitude to those lost in the battle brought to the town by feudal lord Masamune Date. Following the Great East Japan Earthquake in March last year, the festival now remembers those lost on that day as well. See related story here.

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If I had not seen the terrible fires last years, cars, houses, the sea on fire over Fukushima I may have thought this picture was interesting, but in my head, Fukushima and fires just bring back bad memories, do pray that these good people get over their suffering.

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Fukushima and fire in the same sentence.. in my head it also brought back bad memories. Praying for the people of Fukushima.

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Fukushima fire festival

Scary headline...

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Beautiful. Looks like an ancient Japanese village burning into inferno. I love this scenery. Reminds me of "Princess Mononoke" for some reason.

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This picture makes me feel like home, hahaha

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That old and new sad events must be saved in memory of new generations for future.

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Japanese autumn fire festivals are an engaging and primal celebration marking the transition of seasons and stoking some warmth as the threshold of the winter draws near.

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It looks somewhat dangerous. But I consider burning things more appropriate form for a festival than corrida in Spain.

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