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Prince would have love this!

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Very Nice photo!

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As above, so below.” These lovely flowers symbolize both love and success, equally wished for all those that visit here.

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Baby’s Blue Eyes” is the common name for these flowers, originating from the Pacific Northwest of North America, but can now be found from Canada to Mexico. The Spanish called them ‘Mariana’. You will often find Nemo phila growing at the forest’s edge. The colors can range from white to a pale blue through what could be perceived by some as a slight tinge of purple.

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I went to this park last year to see the sea of blue flowers. They're amazingly beautiful, and it's a nice day trip from Tokyo, but (as you can see in this photo) it's tough to get a decent photo without hundreds of people snaking through the background.

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Went there some years ago - beautiful place, flowers the colour of the sky... and the blue ice cream was nice too. After that my friend and I went to the beach where I got quite badly burnt on the neck... Factor 50 would have been handy lol

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Nice specific color reference and alternative captioning here @zichi 7:31am and, …

an exceptionally tranquil new avatar. - Well done, sir - An original work?

*- @zichi Apr. 20 7:31 am**: “Sea of cerulean blue” -*

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Yes, @zichi 1:19pm Hyogo prefecture where you are is equally beautiful and also has much to offer IF comparing and contrasting it with the above Ibaraki’s offerings. On a side note: gave you a compliment and asked a related question to your prior post but you still cannot give a specific, pertinent response?

In reference to the use of blues, is your new avatar Your specific artwork or just an inspiration?

*- @zichi 1:19pm:** “Harima-nada is also called the cerulean sea famous for its large oysters.” -*

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My sincere apologies, on that topic, once again. I had posted an apology on that occasion there but it was perhaps deleted. Please look forward to it again there.

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