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Visitors row boats along the Chidorigafuchi moat near the Imperial Palace, as they enjoy fully bloomed cherry blossoms, on Saturday.

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I watched that on TV news yesterday. Today I'm one of cherry‐blossom viewers, but whoa the cherry‐blossom season was over here(@_@)

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Always one of my favorite places eacg year to view the sakura. The walkway near there that is lit at night is simply spectacular.

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What you don't see are the zillions of people shuffling in line for that boat ride. Worth it nevertheless!

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Reminds of a scene of the same sort In Toyokawa City, Aichi. Both sides of the Sanagawa River are lined with cherry trees. Makes a tunnel for miles !

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I am no longer in Japan. I miss the long Sunday walks from my apartment in Akasaka-mitsuke through Chidorigafuchi and on to Hibiya Park during the sakura season.

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