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Full bloom


British actor Orlando Bloom stands with Japanese actress Nozomi Sasaki at a press conference in Tokyo on Wednesday to promote the film “Zulu” (released in Japan as “Capetown”). In the film, which opens in Japan on Aug 30, Bloom plays a policeman investigating a massacre in South Africa during the apartheid era. Bloom, who is affectionately called “Orly” by his fans in Japan, was last here in 2007 for “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End.”

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Excellet. Film called "Zulu" - which will always be in the shadow of the Michael Caine classic and called "Capetown" in Japan - should be Cape Town and anyway Zulus are not from Cape Town nor do may migrate there. Mainly Xhosa...... Bloom should take a swing at whoever dfeamt this pig's breakfast up. and why is sasaki present? does she play Jacob Zuma in the movie?

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Is that really Nozomi Sasaki??

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Horrible shoes on Sasaki. No style at all.

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Will Turner aka Legolas is also a Buddhist. He will get along well with Japan.

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I saw a film a month ago with Ewan McGregor playing a photo journalist in South Africa. It seemed to me, I could be wrong, but the South African government brought in Zulu's for cheap labor and to destabilize the apartheid movement. The ole divide and conquer thing.

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talent on the left meets "talent" on the right...

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Zulus were primarily used in the mines and industry and also confined to KwaZul Natal. very few made it to Cape Town where migrant labour is predominantly Xhosa.

Reckless - yes, he apparently does have a good time. Big hit with the local movie and media babes.

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I hope he don't catch that Miranda Kerr Japanese commercial when she hugs that singer from Exile. He may develop Bieber rage again.

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and why is sasaki present?

The eternal question related to Japanese movie promotions -- why does a "talent", totally unrelated to the movie have to be present? Has been that way for all least ten years, and apparently will be for another ten. My guess it is because of the strength of the talent agencies and cozy relationships with the movie distribution companies.

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Full Bloom, eh? Did he just come back from a tabehodai with Nozomi san? Nyuk nyuk!

Pirates 3 was 6 years ago? Avast!

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I've seen the film and I don't recall her being in it. I may be missing something, but why is she there?

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Orlando is developing a "Jim Carrey with hair" look?

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I always assumed the Japanese ppl appeared next to the western stars because they had a part in the Japanese dubbing of that film.

Not the case??

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