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Full bloom


Visitors enjoy the blooming cherry blossoms along the Meguro River in Tokyo on Sunday.

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Awesome pic!

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It's a nice photo when sakura petals wrap Meguro River in Tokyo like an entire carpet and cherry blossoms in my garden are fully in bloom, too!

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Beautiful ! Almost looks like "pink snow" (because the people are holding umbrellas...)

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Wonderful image, saved as wallpaper.

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that's what I call FULL BLOOM, nice

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One of the nicer urban spots in Tokyo to do hanami.

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Head to Sagamihara, they were just starting to open yesterday. They will be in full bloom by mid-week, and the weather might be better than what we just had over the weekend.

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Very nice photo.

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Yesterday we had our first local outing, under the sakura and drank some beer. In Kansai, the starting date was suppose to have been March 26, but on that day, when I open the bedroom curtains there was only a single sakura on the mountain.

Last two days have seen more of a push. The weekend gone was the "best weekend time" but it rained heavy on Saturday. I would say the Kobe blossom is now at 80% so Thursday if there's no rain will go and sit next to the lake at Akashi Castle and enjoy craft beer and the sakura.

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@zichi: The mint opened today. Worth going there as well.

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Yes, the Osaka Mint is a great visit especially during the evening. Been twice. Also Himeji Castle which we have done the last two years. You need to be happy with big crowds at both locations which we are. Akashi is only 12 minutes by S-rapid and a very large lake surrounded by hundreds of sakura trees and limited area allowed for the blue plastics and great Akashi craft beers. You can also see the stars if the sky is clear.

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Yet another great pic by Kambayashi-san. Beautiful !

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Wonderful photo. Good viewing around shakujikoen and the river (without the crowds of Meguro RIver).

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