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Runners in various costumes take part in the Tokyo Marathon on Sunday. Around 36,000 people ran in the event from more than 320,000 applicants. The marathon started at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government building in Shinjuku and finished at Tokyo Station for the first time.

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I see Kumamon ! Go get 'em, guy !

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So cool! My goal is to attend the marathon next year, hopefully I'm gonna make it. But I'm really looking forward to going back to Japan :-)

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the little shorts the women wear can be pleasing...

I thought so too, until I found out that marathoners piss their shorts while running, and that's why you see them dumping water on themselves, to rinse it off

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That Westerner in the bottom corner has to be one of you guys. Will someone come out and admit it?

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Is this an actual "marathon" marathon? If so I find it hard to believe these guys ran in those getups for the full 40 km.

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Is this an actual "marathon"

Actually yes. Tokyo Marathon is one of the qualifying marathons for entrance to the Olympics or World-Track and Field Championships.

The top runners and invited runners from around the world, are at the very front at the start of the race. Positions are pretty much determined by the race times that entrants put on their application forms. Outside of the invited runners the rest are picked in a lottery.

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This is the only interesting thing in an otherwise boring as hell sport. Although the little shorts the women wear can be pleasing...

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