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Film director Tim Burton, left, poses with Haruka Minowa of the Japanese comedy duo Harisenbon during a press conference for Burton's film "Frankenweenie" in Tokyo on Monday. Minowa was using static electricity to try and get her hairstyle to resemble Burton's. At right is "Frankenweenie" producer Allison Abbate. "Frankenweenie," a stop-motion animated film, filmed in 3D, opens in Japan on Dec 15.

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is it any wonder these celebs spend no more than 24 hrs in Japan after traveling so far. Get openly mocked by some talentless "talent" on national TV just to plug your movie for a few minutes. Im sure Burton's next few minutes were spent answering the standard "do you like Japanese food?", "can you use chopsticks?" interview.

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The movie will be a hit in Japan as it addresses wyat so many of todays J yoof are like

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It looks less like he's posing with Minowa than he's turning away in disgust -- and who could blame him. Burton is a genius and has to deal with talentless hacks upon visiting here.

6 ( +8 / -2 )

I can´t stand Harisenbon. Even in the weird world of Japanese TV "comedians" they stand out as particularly bad.

6 ( +7 / -1 )

Right, because every PR event has to contain a gimmick.

2 ( +2 / -0 )

The Nightmare after coming to Japan.

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Frankenweenie? Isn't this a Halloween film? And so it's coming out at Christmas. Sounds about right.

Tim Burton looks about as impressed by Japanese "comedy" as I am. I suspect he has a brain in his head and a mental age of an adult. Yet he also possesses an imagination. He's kind of the antithesis of the Japanese "entertainment" industry.

5 ( +7 / -2 )

Ivan: "Frankenweenie? Isn't this a Halloween film? And so it's coming out at Christmas."

It's Japan we're talking about. They make bizarre associations like, "well, Burton made The Nightmare Before Christmas so let's introduce his new movie around Christmas and call it 'Pretty Christmas'" or something like that.

2 ( +4 / -2 )

AND the caption of the photo would be: Time Burton: huh? Haruka Minowa (sort-off being electrified): WAAAAAAAAAIT - How to turn this thing off?? Shadow girl in the middle of Haruka and the woman: Are you friggin' kidding me?

-1 ( +0 / -1 )

Minowa has always made my hair stand on end. What a shocking prank.

-1 ( +0 / -1 )

These guys MUST know this crap is going to happen. How much do they get paid to deal with these talento? I have to say, this one always gives me the creeps. I want to give her a tooth brush and send her to an orthodontist.

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Hey Mr Burton, welcome to Japan. Hee hee you look funny. Your hair is not the same as ours. Watch - here is a woman whose job is to be ugly and have bad teeth. We give her electric shock. She is surprised she gets electric shock when she touches electric shock machine. Hee hee you look like this, Mr Burton. Mr Burton, why you don't laugh? Very strange foreigner man.

Dear God, this is woeful. A Van der Graaf generator - physics for 13 year olds - is network entertainment when you have a renowned film director in the room. They'd better have paid Burton a crapload of cash for this humiliation. It's bad enough bringing the film out two months later than El Salvador did, but then laughing at the bloke's hair?

To call this infantile is to insult infants.

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Most reviews of this movie I've read are positive.

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I hope she uses her little moment of fame and fortune to do something about her teeth.

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Tim Burton's face, " Soooooo high, soooo high !!!! "

WoW !!! I thought that was a boy. With all the money this comedian makes why can't she fix her shark teeth. Or her teeth is a CG effect ?

Tim Burton needs to take a hiatus his movies areeeee shall we say, Borrrrrrrrringgggg. Only movies he did well was

Beattlejuice Batman Nightmare Before Christmas Edward Scissorhands

looks like he's running out of ideas.

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Burton looks like your typical tourist suffering from 12 hours-worth of jet lag.

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with such stupid japanese comedian i will left the studio! What the point to be a top producer and go to Japan to be a puppet of such stupid shows?

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