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From left: Actor Yusuke Yamamoto, comedian Koji Imada and newscaster Kyoko Uchida hold up Samsung's new Galaxy S4 smartphone in Tokyo on Thursday. The Galaxy S4, armed with eye motion control technology that will pause a video when the user looks away, comes with a faster chip and is thinner and lighter than the previous S3 model. The media were given an opportunity to try the new phone which will be released in Japan on May 23.

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I'm surprised, May 23 is a quick turnaround for a Japanese specific model.

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There's something wrong with a newscaster hawking products...

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Pass... waiting for the Galaxy S4 Google Edition, pure Android :)


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iPhone 5S coming very soon. Don't waste your time and money on an iPhone copy.

-4 ( +4 / -8 )

Pass! Waiting for Sony Xperia Z Honami or iphone5s/6

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I don't think Docomo will allow the pure android version! Although I hope they do.

Disillusioned: Andoid is no iOS copy! It is fundamentally different, offering so much freedom. Not like the chained world a user experiences in the iOS where you have to bow to and accept Apple's desire in anything you do! I am not saying Android is perfect, it has limitations too. But the limitations are far less than iOS.

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Pass... waiting for a google glass wrist solarpanel chargeable walkman S1

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Pass too. I will wait for the Galaxy S4 blue coming out in June!!

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I thought Galaxy was pretty much dead. I guess these are just the throes, then.

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smith....you really are a prize twat.

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SONY XPERIA Z is AWESOME !! BYE BYE iphone and galaxy !!

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If you don't have a Samsung Galaxy S4, then you're a nobody, lol.

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astroboy: They allowed the previous nexus officially for like 2 months :)

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"armed with eye motion control technology that will pause a video when the user looks away"

Eye control my a..., those are mostly face detection features that according to all reviewers out there works terribly bad. This is the sort of useless features that Samsung like to talk about instead of making a good phone. The S4 is the same peace of plastic crap as the S3 was and which has so far found little success in Japan.

And asking those three dudes to hold it in front of the press won't change the matter of fact. A peace of crap stays a peace of crap.

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Already have one. It's a great phone. Like always the nationalistic culture of Japan overtakes common sense. You buy something cuz it's a good product... not from the country it's from. Japanese posters here are hypocrites. It's almost so sad to watch.

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Btw. Xperia is not better than Iphone. Stop kidding yourself. It's a good phone but it's nowhere near the best. At least it's better than HTC.

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eye motion control technology that will pause a video when the user looks away

you mean like Samsung's Smart Stay feature (which is supposed to detect your face and keep the screen on) that doesn't work at all?

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^ lol wut. How about we stop lying. It works well. I'm using it right now as I type on my macbook. Eye motion tech for pausing videos is handy and it works.

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Best phone on the market right now is probably HTC One then S4 with Xperia a distant third. Wait until Google comes out with their first self-produced phone with Motorola. Apple with also announce 5S later this year although with Androids putting out brand new updated phones an upgraded iPhone 5 seems likely to underwhelm.

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melonbarmonster- i couldn't disagree more. Sony Xperia is better than HTC products. HTC is the definition of inferiority. ALl of their previous products is an indication. HTC puts a shiny coating but has no build quality. The same crap quality you would find in Acer.

Sony is proven. Samsung is proven. LG is proven. Apple is proven. HTC is inferior. If anything, Apple and Sammy are on top with LG below that. Insinuating that Sony products are worse than HTC products is laughable at best.

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You're talking generally about a brand instead of the phone itself.

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Im going to pass all those galaxies . Any US$200 dollars unlocked phone can do wonders.

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The smart on feature uses Processor and that means less battery. Nobody uses that.

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