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Prime Minister Shinzo Abe poses with members of Japanese idol group Momoiro Clover Z at a cherry blossom viewing party at Tokyo's Shinjuku Gyoen park on Saturday afternoon.

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Abe says women are key to Japan's economic revival

on Friday, and then

Shinzo Abe poses with members of Japanese idol group Momoiro Clover Z

on saturday.

This is embarrassing. Lets hope that he hopes the key to the economic revival does not involve women of Japan dressing up in glittery space suits and dancing around. Seriously, momoiro clover are even for worse for the mission of feminism than AKB. They did, after all, sing a whole song about "coconuts..."

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i think Koizumi Children are now grown up, this is a new batch (!)

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Someone mentioned Momoiro Clover Z to me this week. I never heard of them before and here they are...

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He has time to view the cherry blossoms?

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Like he doesnt have anything better to do with his time?

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I never heard of them before

I wish I hadn't ever heard of them, even after this. Free advertising for the group.

Notice the girl in the back on the left? She is a wannabe (no) "talento" . Only reason she is on TV is thanks to her mother being Japanese and father being Swedish I believe. Funny the article doesn't name her too.

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good to see the Japanese leader spending sometimes with the Japanese youth! not only taking pictures but perhaps listening to their problems..

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So I guess this is to make up for the earlier takyubin article .... light, fluffy and shallow through and through.

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Abe the gansta

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If we all band together, we can stop the insanity known as "Idol" groups

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toon toon toonnnn, chu hah! toon toon toon, chu hah! "What's your name? Who's your daddy? Is he rich like me?"

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Well, at least there's only five of them, and according to Wiki only two are under 18 (16 and 17) so not quite in the same Lolita League as AKB48.

Oh, and what's wrong with singing about coconuts? Cockernies have been singing about them for decades... as in: "I've got a loverlie bunch of coconuts...." lol

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1.) Isn't it way too late for cherry blossom viewing? 2.) If this was America, people would be instantly blasting mom-kuro for taking a side politically. Celebs need to stay out of politics, especially in cases like these where it's just a huge, weird publicity thing.

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OrangeXenon 1) For Tokyo, yes. But it is sakura season further up north.

2) Entertainment management companies in Japan are usually owned by parent/shareholder companies with deep political affiliations. The celebrities themselves don't have a choice about how they are used as political propaganda tools in Japan. If they are going against it they are going to have personally pay for the loss in projected revenue based on the publicity.

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I actually envy this guy : )

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