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Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, fourth right, chats with Japanese musician Daigo, third right, as he stands with artists, entertainers, athletes and other guests during a cherry blossom viewing party hosted at Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden in Tokyo, Saturday.

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a potpourri of losers including, I think, the nauseating Pa-kun (sp?)

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Beautiful children in their colourful dresses along with PM Abe enjoying fully bloomed cherry blossom at Shinjuku.

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like something out of a Japanese Addams Family...

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What am i looking at?

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Stealers Wheel's 'Stuck in the middle with you' started playing in my head as soon as I saw the picture.

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This breaks me up: there are three pictures in this set, and JT chose the one with Abe and the clowns.

JT did not even go for the third one, which is Abe and the AKBs or some gyarus like them.

The second, of Abe with some yong girls in hanami kimono plus nice sakura is a fine picture, Mr Abe as centrepiece notwithstanding.

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shudder *
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JT chose the one with Abe and the clowns.

Appropriately enough.

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A tall man standing off-center to the left rear is probably a comedian Pakkun or Patrick Harlan if you will. The garden party looks like giving off a friendly atmosphere. Nice picture.

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The expression on the face at the far left of the picture says it all.

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Of course Abe is talking to Daigo. Daigo has no talent as a performer and ho charisma, but he is the son of former PM Takeshita, so he gets to play with the big people. People in power stick together.

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I'm not sure anyone in this crowd can rightfully claim the title of 'artist'.

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Readers, please do not post snide remarks. It is petty and reflects badly on yourselves.

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It is so great to see the Cherry Blossom festival and the Prime Minister enjoying the special times. I think it is a time to celebrate and that it is Japan's Destiny to be a great country.

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Sorry in the post above, Daigo, who has no talent, is not the "son" of former PM Takeshita, but the grandson.

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