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The UK was giving 1 million booster shots a day in mid December. Japan has sat on its heels waiting for the inevitable Omicron outbreak. Why the wait? These boosters for the old and vulnerable should have started back in December. Sure better late than never, but again, the politicians too the decisions over the public health experts.

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Why wait? Gosh, why would that possibly happen? Acquiring an adequate supply of vaccine?

UK is not exactly a shining example for dealing with SARSCoV-2.

There is no factual reporting or evidence 'politicians' are interfering or ignoring public healthcare experts. Such is a supposition based on some manner of personal opining and the easy 'out' of blaming politicos. To blame politicians as a category is meaningless - their number is large and there is an administrative bureaucracy that is responsible and rather efficiently carries out the day to day workings of governing.

Which is not to praise elected officials within the central government. But, continual and somewhat mindless harping about politicians fronts a general misunderstanding of the functions of government and the fact Japanese bureaucracies are incredibly efficient and responsive. The people who work in government on the so-called front lines are not only dedicated to their profession but are very good at their jobs.

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My relatives back home had their booster shot over two months ago. I won't even get mine in Japan until spring.

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