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Fish dealers ride on a trolley after the day's auction at Tsukiji Wholesale Market, the world's biggest fish and seafood market, in Tokyo, on Thursday. The market will move to a new location in November.

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Some of the workers in Tsukiji seem to have been there all there lives. It's going to be a tremendous shock to them to switch to a more modernized facility. Will many lose their jobs?

From a previous news article we learned about other troubles with the relocation.

The relocation plan has been marred by revelations of heavy soil contamination at the site, once formerly a gas plant about 2.3 kilometers away. That has saddled the Tokyo metropolitan government with more than ¥50 billion in cleanup costs.

Since capital is always making and remaking urban space for profit and not people, can we assume that the impetus for relocation is redevelopment of the Tsukiji site?

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Wari: Are u an investor?

You lack knowledge.

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Shonanbb: Then enlighten, since you seem to hold you mind in high regard, rather than just make a negative comment.

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it's hard to believe that a fish market could be a tourist attraction, but it is.

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