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Looks fun, can’t wait to get back into this weekend.

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I can see CoronaVirus making a come back after seeing this image. I do not know what people are thinking.

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Stay safe and exercise caution, friends.

I want everything to go back to normal, like most people, but it's not going to happen overnight.

Let's not create the perfect situation for a second wave.

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I much prefer eating and drinking at home.

Although, we do enjoy going to restaurants on occasion for things that are difficult to make at home, or for special experiences, such as teppanyaki, okonommiyaki, sushi, etc.

However, I'm happy to wait until it's actually safe again, not just because some idiot in a silly-looking ill-fitting mask (of which I still haven't received our promised two), but when medical professionals have declared it so, even if it means waiting for a vaccine.

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The old "normal" is what brought us to this point. We don't want to go back there. Time to leave the hamster wheel.

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That’s a lot of dudes in that picture. I can easily do without that whole scene.

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Looks like the Ameyoko area. Not far off shoulder to shoulder on a busy day there.

I used to get my Weetabix from a shop there. I think I’ll keep getting it online for a while yet.

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Honestly, the temptation to go out to a bar or restaurant is strong. I have been taking long evening walks to get out of the house. Then I read about spikes in places and countries that open up, and I come to my senses.

Luckily, I will be teleworking until August. My only concern now is my couch potato gut that is forming.

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And they told my bf to go to the office starting tomorrow. He's programmer... This is insane.

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My (pre/kindergarten) school (in Tokyo and Kanagawa) is opening on the first of June. Although there have been measures and procedures put into place, we've not had much time to prepare for going back. Due to time and the situation, the minimum "safe distance" between pupils (indoors) has been set to 50cm. Masks should be worn by children (but they don't have to).

I'm worried, as the trains will probably be heaving, the kids will be just as clingy and dirty as ever, and I'm sure there will be fellow staff members or parents who ignorantly/purposely flout the rules. One staff member at my school didn't understand why I didn't want to shake hands and why I often used santiser, in March, just before the SOE was declared.

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