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Japanese model and actress Nanao poses at a news conference in Tokyo on Wednesday to promote a revolutionary fitness belt by MTG. The Sixpad Bottom Belt is the brand’s first ever attempt to make training gear catered specifically to women. Sixpad gear incorporates EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) so that users can “work out” at home by just attaching the gear to their body. The new Bottom Belt is worn on the waist to strengthen two kinds of hip muscles as well as the hamstring. Nanao said she uses Sixpad products regularly and attends an individual training class once a week. She said that Bottom Belt was innovative as it not only focuses on hip muscles, but also the hamstring, so that the hip area can be strengthened comprehensively. She also mentioned that her mother uses the gear at home. Once you put on the belt, the 23-minute training session begins automatically, making it easy for people of all generations to use.

Sixpad Bottom Belt went on sale Wednesday for ¥38,800.

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Yah...Im sure you will get into shape just by attaching this to your body... just like the Ronaldo six pack.

Who actually believes such marketing babble?(

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I don't think however much I use the Sixpad I'd look like Nanao. (Sighs)

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These do work... sort of.

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Mmmm she is in good shape !

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From what I have read, fitness belts are a scam.

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Once you put on the belt, the 23-minute training session begins automatically, making it easy for people of all generations to use.

Would love to know how 23min of EMS stacks up against say 60sec plank & 2x30 squats 3/4x week (total 3 min).

EMS is probably ok for recovery but wouldn't call 20min of it a 'workout/training session'.

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I have the Sixpad for arms. I fractured a bone in my elbow and, after seeing my arm shrink to just 24 cm around after being in a cast for two months, got one as part of rehab.

They really do work. The pads shove your arm back and forth (violently if you set it high enough) causing you to involuntarily move your arm back; this burns off calories and builds muscle slowly.

It's no substitute for a real workout regimen with heavy weights, but it did the job for me. I still do one 23-minute session each day, though my arm growth has long since tapered off.

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It's very simple people, "If there's no effort involved, you're wasting money".

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Well the advertising hype and promotional expenses can be justified I guess if the product is that expensive!

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Shocking that there no comments about body shaming women !

Do they make one for men or people who identify as men?

Slim pants have a fatal flaw in that they have to be taken off. Padded bras have the same defect. Eventually people will go to the plastic surgeon to improve their bums. However the popular Brazilian bum will only cause terrible problems on the crowded train in Japan

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There'd be other uses for those harnesses, lol

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