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Ginza gleams


The new 11-story Ginza Place commercial facility is seen on Sunday night. Ginza Place, which houses shops and restaurants as well as showrooms of Nissan Motor Co and Sony Corp, opened Saturday.

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"Hello, Japan? This is 1989 calling - we'd like our design aesthetics and budgets back please."

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dharmadan - right? and the funny part is this horrible facade was designed by a western architect office.. waste of money.

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I really don't see how they can keep opening all these new multi-use facilities in such proximity to one another. I was just in the new Tokyu Plaza last week (great location, not-so-great architecture) and while there were lots of people there, it wasn't really crowded for a weekend afternoon, and the restaurant floor was nearly deserted (the basement casual restaurants seemed to be doing better). Some of the restaurant staffers mentioned how it was almost impossible to put together anything more than a skeleton crew because of competition from so many other venues.

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Fantastic! This is exactly what Japan needs to break out of the economic doldrums - more designer handbag shops, Italian restaurants and nail salons. All wrapped up in a sparkling 21st. century design. I just dont know how the rest of the developed world will be able to compete.

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I really don't see how they can keep opening all these new multi-use facilities in such proximity to one another.

Well, with interest rates extremely low that helps take care of one cost. I am not sure in this case but around many stations there is new build going on and new gleaming shopping centres. Inevitably this is being subsidised by the taxpayer as part of station re-development. The outcome seems to be a fashion in shopping centres. When one opens it gets a crowd of new customers who soon forget about it and move on once a new one opens. If you are happy to not be one of the in-crowd you can get a slightly worn shopping centre all to yourself for a while. But very quickly the original constellation of shops and restaurants are killed by the rents they have to pay. No, it is not going to work out in the long run but "live for today, gone tomorrow, that's me".

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I deem the new building makes visitors' eyes gleam appreciatively. It's better suited for Ginza.

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I reckon it looks pretty good actually. 80s? I don't think so. Waste of money? Whose money? I'd say the building will attract enough people as it was intended to do.

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2016 business. Nissan and Sony pictures investing.. why worrying their money? Both earn plenty money worldwide.

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