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If you pray at Namba Yasaka Shrine in Osaka, your wish will come true.

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Ahh my backyard where I have my am coffee...

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I don't think lottery wishers will have their wish come true, so better wish for other thing, hmm..easy thing, example, yeah the job or the marriage or partner....these wishes surely come true even if you just walk pass through.

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This is heartwarming example of humility and genuine, sincere appreciation is part of the character of the common Japanese people we can all respect and hope to aspire. Best wishes for you, Naohiro Hirota.

“Giving thanks” - Naohiro Hirota offers prayers at Namba Yasaka Shrine in Osaka on Tues. Hirota said he wanted to offer thanks as he has a job after he had prayed for one at the shrine earlier.” -
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