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People dressed as Super Mario, superheroes and other characters drive custom built Go-Karts through a street in Tokyo's Shibuya shopping district Saturday. With a Japanese or international driver's license, you can enjoy a two or three-hour Tokyo tour for 8,000 yen or 11,000 yen respectively, including the costume rental fee.

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This looks like fun! I wonder when the oyajis will deign it too dangerous.

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I saw these while walking around Tokyo! I think it's very common to see ! I would dress up like Godzilla haha!

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I always find it funny that in Japan you get warnings all the time.....things like escalators, elevators, doors closing on fingers etc. Yet at the same time you can run round the streets in something like this?

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these vehicles are actually rd legal, they have all the lights, indicators etc but being 4 wheels dont require a helmet. I personally think it would be safer to wear one. And id rather ride these than those 50cc scooters

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looks so cool and fun!

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