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Fans hold up a giant cut-out of Japanese tennis player Kei Nishikori's face during day one of the Davis Cup first round in Birmingham, England, on Friday. See story here.

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Ganbarre, Kei-san ! Ganbarre, Nippon !

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Kurobune: why "ganbare, Nippon"?

Cheering for Kei, absolutely! Cheering for Japan, or being upset at Japan when he loses, is just foolish. He is one person, not a nation, and people thinking of him as the latter is why there is too much pressure on him and one of the reasons he fails.

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smithinjapan: It's Davis Cup, go figure.

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Because the Davis Cup is a team event where countries compete against one another.

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I want to root for Kei. But I'm a little concerned that Nishikori's cut-out looks like standing out too much from the spectators. Hope no complaints from the crowd.

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I bet that guy sitting behind the woman with the cutout wasn't too happy.

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@smithininjapan,Not too sure if you follow tennis or not mate, Davis cup is a team format, hence JAPAN vs GREAT BRITAIN , and no he hasn't failed, he's won 11 ATP titles and runner up at the US OPEN current world ranking NO# 6 ..

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@marcels, serendipitous, F-Zero, thank you very much goys ! @smith - wakarimashtaka?

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