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Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Tokyo Governor Naoki Inose and supporters of Tokyo's 2020 Olympic bid pose for photographers at a rally in Tokyo on Friday.

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Turkey will not get. Can Turkey have a photo like above photo? Maybe Turkey Olympic dreamer must be thinking the riot and murders of its citizens to be placed by JT?

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If it focuses minds and budgets on fixing Fukushima 1, then Go Tokyo!!

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I'll be joining all my Japanese friends in celebration on Sept. 7 when Tokyo is named the host city of the 2020 summer Games. What a glorious day that will be!!!

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I must agree with an above post the logo looks great! It would be awesome if Japan can have these games as it would help the economy but "it would be most regrettable" if they don't spend money on getting people out of temporary houses and fixing Fukushima Daiichi first.

Even if they do approve the Tokyo bid, eventually the media worldwide will place more of a spotlight on Fukushima Daiichi leaks and problems and the effects it may have on athletes. Either way I believe it's a win win situation because you have the athletes etc concerned about radiation if they win, and Japanese government old boys will throw a tantrum and finally realize that they need to focus more on stabilizing the nuclear issue before it gets out of hand.

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Until Japan can stop poisoning the ocean and environment and help those displaced by the disaster, it doesn't deserve to host crap.

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Spot on Cricky, priorities are back asswards. What an idiotic idea. Also, if Abe and his kind keep pissing off China, they could boycott the games just out of spite. All the Chinese tourists will not come and the gross revenue will fall through the floor. Wow great, think about it for a sec. Worst case scenario? Japan gets the nod for the games, begins construction, and another quake hits and all the tanks with the contaminated water rupture. Now is not the time for an Olympic omatsuri.

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Japanese about the olympics: annoying. Olympics in Japan: That's gonna be the MAXIMUM level of annoying.

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Those guys ( and girls) look like the staff of any state school at the enkai after the bunkasai.

The logo is very nice!

Tokyo is the favourite to win the bid.

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<http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EBCYoSMu6do > (Turkey 2020)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S4H-P6cg45E (Tokyo 2020)

Tokyo will win the bid, but everyone should wear the Tokyo 2020 Heart (part of the flower logo) on their sleeves.

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Fix the problems at Fukushima ASAP & then possibly think about holding a future Olympics!!!

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"Discover tomorrow that the crap we're feeding you today is lies!" I bet these guys are just BEGGING the situation in Fukushima doesn't get worse in the next two weeks, that not ANOTHER coach is revealed to be beating his athletes, doping, and what not don't come out before the decision.

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This photo is an insult to these homeless, jobless victims of Tohoku Earthquake. The priority has been mixed up here.

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So many backhanders have been paid by Japan, Tokyo is pretty much guaranteed to win its bid. By the way, I love the two token ladies against the backdrop of the old boys' club!

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Japan is a great safe choice but Turkey is intriguing and may potentially become a sleeper hit of the summer. Japan already hosted summer and winter I think the fans including me would be more inclined to see what Turkey has to offer.

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Can you control the outcome of an event? Can you change the future? Olympics have been decided in favor of Istanbul, (Constantinopla).

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Money-eating Tokyo’s 2020 Olympic!

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Waist of money and time, relocate and house those who are now in emergency housing first. Fix Fukashima. Then perhaps the games.

Still, most of Japanese approve that idea. Not everyone is paranoid with Fukushima in Japan like many on this site.

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I hate that "gambare" pose... it just stinks somehow - especially for this Olympic bid... :(

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Dicover Tomorrow : buy a "Good-Luck-Watch" (for detailed story refer to JT's New Products Section) !!!

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Waist of money and time, relocate and house those who are now in emergency housing first. Fix Fukashima. Then perhaps the games.

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