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Nadeshiko Japan midfielder Aya Miyama celebrates after scoring a goal against the United States during their Kirin Cup soccer match at Yurtec Stadium in Sendai on Sunday. The match ended with a 1-1 draw.

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Someone should get that poor girl down from that net. Reminds me of what happens to dolphins when we leave nets in the ocean...

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There's something unsatisfying about a draw. You get neither the thrill of victory nor the agony of defeat.

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How about "all square"?

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Serrano - Tell that to Manchester City after this weekend. Think they'll have been happy to have come away wth a draw after being 2-0 down and being bossed for most of the game.

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seems like this is starting to be a good rivalry. can't wait til the olympics come around.

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Yes - this has developed into a good rivalry. A draw a few months out just helps with the build up to the hoped for rematch at the Olympics this summer.

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Don't worry Hope Solo you are still a great GK..................... and the hottest on the team............. Alex Morgan coming in second after with the SI Swimsuit photos....

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Why are so many people lying on the ground?...Lazy football.

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Go Japanese Girls Soccer team! Yeah these ladies really had a tough start, no one believed in them. Strong willed ladies.

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she looks like a little child enjoying just another game.

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