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Suzuki Motor Corp Chairman and Chief Executive Osamu Suzuki receives a traditional welcome during his visit to the proposed site for Maruti Suzuki India Ltd's new manufacturing facility at Hansalpur near Mehsana, about 110 kilometers North of Ahmadabad, India, on Saturday. See story here.

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I have met this guy in person before, what a clown!!

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Do you think he could have at least gotten his eye brows cut for the occassion?

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Interesting trivia: He actually married into and took the founding Suzuki family's name.

"Osamu Suzuki spent 22 years as president and chief executive officer of Suzuki Motor Corporation, making him one of the auto industry's longest-serving leaders. During this time he turned Suzuki into a global powerhouse by producing rugged, low-cost minicars for the less wealthy but more populated areas of the world, such as India, China, and Eastern Europe. Known as a fiscally conservative hands-on manager, Suzuki involved himself in nearly every aspect of the business and was often seen inspecting the company's plants personally in search of cost-cutting measures. He once directed a factory to use white instead of yellow paint for floor lines, to save a few cents per can. Because of his close involvement, workers viewed him more as a father than a CEO. When Suzuki stepped down as president of the company in 2000, he stayed on as chairman. Friends and family urged him to retire, but Suzuki had other ideas. "I want to die in battle," he told Automotive News (November 6, 2000). "

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I can see how he is trying to fit in by wearing the local turban,paying respect to local culture and that's ok I guess. For some reason though when I look at this photo it reminds me of "Papa Smurf",orange version of course!

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Suz uki is very old man , He shoud go to Lumbani for meditaion and Mokshya rather than that in borned greed for Wealth!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Do you think he could have at least gotten his eye brows cut for the occassion

How do you know he didnt haha

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