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Going to court


Ground staff clean the court at the end of the day's play Wednesday at the Japan Open men's tennis tournament in Tokyo.

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As long as it is labour intensive and needs plenty of cheap workers, Japanese firms are all over it with the employment subsidies they receive.

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Not a very effecient way to clean a court.

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At first I thought this was a new sport, ha ha!

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And the photographers of those hentai magazines showing up-skirt shots must be right behind them.

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How is that cleaning it?

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Was there (Ariake Stadium) yesterday and those are the ball boys and ball girls....they only do this between the matches and apparently they pick up all the ball lint and any bits of dirt or sand particles - sorta like those swifter brooms...Personally never seen it done before and also question why each "rag/towel" is so darn small.

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It is the Japanese way, use 10 people to do a job ineffectively or hire one with proper equipment to do it effectively.

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Very nice way to clean the court, keeping with tradition.

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