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That was an awesome race! Couldn't tell who won until the replays were checked.

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Nice to see Yang Chunhan being described as representing Taiwan, rather than Chinese Taipei.

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Awesome race. Yang Chunhan probably dived too early whereas Koike's 'lean' across the finish line was just perfect (or at least pretty good, could have pushed his chest/shoulders a tad earlier imo)

4x100m relay finals tonight! Kin medallleuuu!

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The crowds enjoyed it.

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@JonathanJo, you must have had a different view of 'the crowds'; from the picture, it appears almost no one is there.

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It makes a huge difference to athletes if they are performing in front of a packed and excited stadium. I just hope there were some people cheering them on out of shot near the finish line. After all the effort preparing for these events, they deserve a big hand.

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They both finished at the same time 20.23".

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