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Goldfish and geisha


A maiko, an apprentice geisha, performs a traditional dance in front of a tank with goldfish at the Art Aquarium exhibition in Tokyo on Monday. Several thousand goldfish are displayed in dozens of uniquely shaped tanks, using LED lights, projection mapping and music in a show that was produced by Japanese designer Hidetomo Kimura.

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Reminds of a strange sight only found in Japan. On the small street sits mama-san, with the door open and a tank of goldfish. Upstairs is a sexworker...

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Goldfish are lucky. good feng shui

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What is the name of the maiko?

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Note that the word "geisha" is only used in Tokyo. In Kyoto, where "geisha" originated, real "geisha" were originally men. The last real Kyoto "geisha" died around 1985. Just FYI so you'll know why in Kyoto you only hear the words "maiko" and "geiko".

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Pretty colors.

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The maiko looks like being in a goldfish bowl, while real goldfish are in the tank behind her. Yes, I'm looking at you like tons of other people. Very nice!

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I visited that beautiful Art Aquarium event last year. It was very crowded and no Geisha.

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