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Mask are for winners..

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Too bad not much about washing hands for 20 seconds.

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good advice?

good for...who?

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No, it's not. There's no reason to wear a mask outdoors like that with no one anywhere near you.

Come on, people. Stop living as if you're downwind from Chernobyl.

Masks are understandable on trains, planes, indoor areas with a good number of people, that sort of thing.

Otherwise, they're just a symbol of neurotic fear. Outdoors in uncrowded places, they're unnecessary. They're nothing more than dehumanizing face-diapers that turn everyone into faceless and emotionless drones breathing in their own spittle.

It's terrible that fear has become the dominant emotion in our lives. We're not meant to live like that. And for what? A virus whose death rates have dropped to a point where they're now comparable to those of the seasonal flu.

Stop living in fear. Or if you can't muster the smidgen of courage needed to do that, at least don't demand that everyone else embrace the fear that you've allowed yourself to be chained to.

Unless you're in one of the aforementioned indoor settings ... stop living in fear, stop being an emotionless drone, stop being a faceless dystopian complier, and start living like a human being again. Take off the damn mask.

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Only the sign would have made much more sense, but so… That guy partly breathes out his virus load into the area , increasing the risk there, the rest is breathed back in from the mask itself and additionally from the breathed out virus loads of the incoming nearby guests or participants. Should just only have stayed home and watched it on TV if he really is so keen on that bs.

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Why are we not wearing goggles?

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Mere virtue signaling for compliance to authority is not enough.

Be afraid ... and boys (and girls) ... and be ambitious.

Remember your 4 H's.

Hot and humid, so hydrate before you put on your Hazmat suits.

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Olympic volunteer Reimi Kusunoki holds up a sign

In Japan, human beings are always taking the jobs of signposts.

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HakmanToday ------

I totally agree. Get rid of these stupid masks as real medical experts have already said they are useless. People living in fear while those who are jabbed are the ones spreading virus from the vaccination itself .Stated by official, government entities and reported believe it or not, on mainstream news.

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Yes. Let's continue living our life in constant fear and panic.

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I think this woman and her sign would be more useful out here in the suburbs at my local supermarket.

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Pathetic, nothing else to say

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