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There are women there as well, so not sure why it just says men, etc.

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Maybe good for the soul, but definitely not good for 'Loincloth-kun'!

Gives new meaning to the expression "Japan's shrinking population"...

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Middle right, its having second thoughts!

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"Men wearing loin cloths" [sic]

'Loincloth' is NOT two words, because it is a simple noun.

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Impressive. The Japanese are bathing in ice-cold water to purify their souls. Out there in the village of Shirgao in the iron-ore mining belt in the Bicholim tehesil in India's North Goa, the 'Dhonds' walk through fire, also seeking inner healing. Those bare-foot fire walking devotees hail from the villages of Goa, Karnataka and Maharashtra. In the not so distant past, chaining and disciplining the body used to be the time tested rituals of the Europeans for spiritual cleansing.

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My soul isn't that dirty.

Our souls are all dirty.

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