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Koby, a Pomeranian from Japan, is groomed at the Thailand International Dog Show in Bangkok on Thursday. The dog show is held from June 25 until June 28.

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I would not like to see that coming at me down the street on a dark night.

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God knows what the guy behind it is doing..... No wonder its pulling that face.

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Perfect example perma-adolescent, prima donna temperamental Pomeranian behaving badly. Witnessing this attitude on a disturbing regular basis.an inflated view of his own importance. I blame on cookies for canines and jerky rawhide addiction.

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Poor dog. Does anyone know how the return of this dog to Japan is handled? Doesn't Thailand have rabies? If so, wouldn't it be the case that the dog was isolated on return to Japan for a couple of months? Do these dogs use a different protocol?

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I blame on cookies for canines and jerky rawhide addiction.

I blame being primped and perfumed, brushed and buffed and treated like an exhibit, when all he wants is to be treated like a dog.

Beauty shows for dogs are daft. All dogs are beautiful, whether they're prima donna poms or mangy mongrels or anything in between.

And yeah, how does this little guy get back to Japan? Hidden in a box under some toy necklaces?

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Fair enough Cleo, it is not a matter for levity, Koby really looks a tad irritated to say the least. My niece thinks Koby could be smiling, bless...

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It's the kind of dog the delivery health girls get given when they sign up. Snappy little things.

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Check if honorary post available at Rly. station or Airport....!

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He doesn't even want to be a dog. He wants to be a wolf really. Instead he is a stunted, immature monster, twisted and deformed for human pleasure and amusement. The line between cruel and cute is fine. No wonder he's mad.

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My brother and sister-in-law have a pomeranion, as little as it is, it has a MAJOR attitude and runs the house ! She is so cute, though.

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It appears to be yawning.

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This looks more like something you'd do the dusting with rather than a dog. Maybe I'm being a bit narrow-minded here as I've never kept a lapdog but I always let my dogs chew things within reason ( I had a Jack Russel who enjoyed leaping off the edge of the couch and doing a Tarzan impression holding the curtain in his mouth ), let them jump in the lake and then hosed them down in the garden ( they generally thought this was fun ) and let the males, erm, get into practice for their big days with their own special cushions or whatever tickled their fancies as long as it wasn't my mother's leg.

I'm not sure this dog was allowed those doggy things.

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The man is obviously checking his temperature in the back.

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Good grief!

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