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Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda speaks during the Olympic team's send-off party at Yoyogi national stadium in Tokyo on Saturday.

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Ah, Olympics in Japan. What a time for ultra-nationalist propaganda, where only Judo and Swimming are worth for TV exposure, ignoring all other sports. Where only the winners are shown, so people can be proud of being -we the japanese-.

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Ganbare, guys!

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GO FOR IT JAPAN win plenty of medals for your country.

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The first thought that popped into my head when I saw this picture was that ti was an article about NK.

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Unbelievable that they have money for this, but when it comes to actually supporting the athletes to make it to the Olympics it is always, "Sorry, you're on your own."

Says a lot about priorities in Japan. :-(

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"Make sure not to forget any of your belongings abroad, and Please watch your step when exiting the airplane in London. Thank you."

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Good luck, peeps! Glad the uniforms are not the disgrace they were at Sydney, at least.

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'....and last but not least: business class seats for everybody!'

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