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An eye to victory


Japanese craftsman Sumikazu Nakata adds the final touches on a Daruma doll at his studio Daimonya in Takasaki, northwest of Tokyo. Daruma dolls, representing the Indian priest Bodhidharma, the founder of Zen Buddhism in China, are believed to bring luck. They are also a favorite item of election candidates where they traditionally paint only one eye on the doll when they start their campaign and paint the other eye if they win in the election. The sales of Daruma has risen as candidates and campaign supporters purchased the lucky dolls ahead of the Dec 16 election, Nakata said.

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There's a lot of "one eyes" to paint!

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Brilliant picture! Wish I had managed to fit one this size in my case home!

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I have always personally loved these little "dudes" and their customs ! Great shot!

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I have one of these on my desk, only about an inch high though. Would love one of these big ones.

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Where would you put one of these big ones?

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