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Figure skater Yuzuru Hanyu, left, and his coach Yoshiko Kobayashi react after seeing his results in the men's short program figure skating competition at the Iceberg Skating Palace in Sochi on Thursday night. Hanyu set a new world record score to open up a 3.93-point lead on three-time world champion Patrick Chan of Canada.

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Huge mouth for a huge score. I failed to to watch this. Why? T-T

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This is Japan's best hopes for gold medal in the sport.

Mao Asada has no chance of gold, probably not even silver.

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Too bad you missed it, Tit. It was the perfect blend of art and sport. I hope it ends in Yuzuru, Patrick and Daisuke on the podium. I don't even care what order. But in this sport anything can happen. It all comes down to having all the right stuff and laying it on the ice in the moment that it counts.

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well done bring home the GOLD.

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The coach looks terrified rather than happy. That is an end-of-the-world face. Hilarious.

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Not the greatest picture. Looks Like Hanyu is about to explode or transform into some hideous creature, and the coach about to flee in terror. That said, he deserves to explode -- with joy -- over his excellent performance (didn't watch it, but if his score was that high it must have been). I don't want to jynx it by saying this may well be Japan's hope for gold, but it certainly looks that way. Looks like Chan gave it a pretty good go as well. Best of luck to both in the second round.

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He did a good job but it's only the short program.

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Hate to lower the tone of discussion, but this photo is a classic. Reminds me of the HUMANCENTiPAD episode. Almost like somebody has been eating too much cuttlefish.

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I can't understand how a judged by points sports even can have world records.

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with the russian out, i guess the russian judge could finally score the other skaters unbiasedly.

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Ganbarre, Yuzuru-san ! (That coach is not going to be able to live that pic down !)

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That coach is not going to be able to live that pic down !

Maybe not, but if Hanyu can pull off the gold I don't think she will care much about it.

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Personally, I love this photo! Real reactions to a great result!

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Remember photos only take a fraction of a second of time. I'm sure all of us have had photos taken at strange timing where our facial expressions looked crazy! or drunk.

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He's ready to blow up into a blond haired, blue eyed "su-pa saiyajin!"

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That's a pretty hilarious photo

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"That coach is not going to be able to live that pic down !"

Agree with Dave. if Hanyu managed to land the gold, she'll live down this photo just fine. :-)

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Great photo and a brilliant performance! Congratulations!!!!!

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Watched this live on TV here in the states. Hanyu was awesome -- easily the class of the field. Hope he brings it home tomorrow night.

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shine bright little angel...i pray to God to bless you win (gold, yes!!!) this time again and may your hard work pay off with tremendous results. let the asthma be gone... love you tons. fighto!!

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Hanyu wins gold!

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