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Bronze medal winner Ayana Onozuka of Japan, right, embraces gold medal winner Maddie Bowman of the U.S. after the women's freestyle skiing halfpipe final at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games in Rosa Khutor on Thursday.

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Ayana's reliability is awesome!

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Well done to Ayana! Nice to see she Is just as happy if not happier for the bronze than others for gold. I guess her goal was a medal which she got. Good on her!

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It's been noticeable that many of the athletes, even those who were the favourites to win gold, are thoroughly delighted to win a medal. Especially in the snowboard/ski events.

Really refreshing to see

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Congratulations! Always nice to see the smile of an athlete who wins a medal, regardless of what kind. Good job, Ayana.

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Well done Maddie!

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Her family owns a hotel near the ski slope in Japan and she has been working there as a the staff to raise money for training and touring around the world. She had to do that because freestyle skiing was not popular here and hard to find a sponsor.

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Omedetou, Ayana-san ! The joy is contagious !

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