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Grande arrival


U.S. singer Ariana Grande greets fans upon her arrival at Tokyo International Airport on Monday night.

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An advisory has been issued for members of the public to avoid donut shops in the metro region for the next several days.

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It would be fun to greet the fan on left !

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@ Jeff - LOL

For those who haven't heard, she and her male companion were caught on video licking donuts at a shop in California. Those donuts were subsequently sold to some unsuspecting customer, because the video was viewed after the fact. She may be cute to look at, but that attitude is ugly. Here's a link to the video:


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Send her away!

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She is a fabulous impersonator of other women singers. Check out a fairly recent SNL with her hosting. I was amazed actually. Never heard of her before that.

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She is a fabulous impersonator of other women singers.

I'm not into her style of music myself, but the girl is an excellent singer.

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Ariana Grande licked and spit on donuts that were for sale to the public. She's a disgusting person. Send her home.

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She is a "Dangerous Woman". She need to "Focus" in her personal life because she got many "Problems" rather that licking DONUTS and bashing America.

Why is she here in Japan?

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arrestpaulApr. 12, 2016 - 09:00AM JST Ariana Grande licked and spit on donuts that were for sale to the public. She's a disgusting person. Send her home.

she's a kid who did a childish thing. should we all be judged for the rest of our lives on something we did as teenagers?

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I like her voice and a lot of her songs, but her personality leaves something to be desired....

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you lick a donut, you receive death threats. Internet is indeed a weird place

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Ariana is great vocalist for such a tiny woman. When is Demi Lovato coming here?

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Would you lick her donut? I've never even heard of her before but if she offered me her choco ring i'd probably consider it.

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Id be up for it for sure. The Grande chocolate donut.

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Just played a couple of video of hers, never heard her before. I couldn't understand half the words she was singing. Maybe she's taking some English lessons while she's here. Voice is OK since these days, with technology, I can sound pretty damn good.

Watched the donut video. Just a spoiled brat on a high pedestal. The whole "hate America" thing was because she wants a donut but don't wanna get fat. that's all. Just a joke.

I'll take Taylor over her any day if I feel like listening to pop music. Which is rarely.

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She also does classical:

"Ariana Grande Tops Classical Digital Songs Chart With Andrea Bocelli Duet"


Also she's been to Japan before:

"Ariana Grande On Japanese TV (Interview +baby I)"


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