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Great Dinosaur Exhibition


A family looks at a replica of 7.5-meter Cryolophosaurus on display at Tokyo's Marunouchi Building as part of the "Great Dinosaur Exhibition" which will be held at the National Science Museum in Ueno from March 14. The Marunouchi exhibit runs through March 2.

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Replica? I want to look at the real deal!

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She says to them "Dinosaur used to dominate this world and today we humans dominate it, Someday dinosaur would dominate this world again instead of humans exterminated"

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Cool. Looks like the Alien. But it's true, the dinosaurs were on this planet a lot longer than homo sapiens will ever be, because in 10 million years (which is a sliver of time in the Age of the Dinosaurs) we will be evolved into the Borg or something. All of human history is just a flash in the great scheme of nature.

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Kid: Wow, look daddy, the LDP-a-saurus. How cool!

Father: Yes, they were known to have a big roar and no bite. They also were known to have the smallest brains.

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Not much going on here...

...next photo, please.


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Really nice detail on the skeleton. ASA, please?

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