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Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko tour the observation deck 450 meters up at Tokyo Sky Tree on Thursday. The world's tallest radio tower and second tallest structure at 634 meters will open to the public on May 22.

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looks like they are in space shuttle and defying the law of gravity !

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I can't wait! I will go up end of May!

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The emperor looks good considering he had open heart surgery recently.

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It's nice to see the Emperor up and around!

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Nice for them to get around. I just can't help but wonder what the IHA taskmasters aren't showing us about the Emperor's health in this photo.

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Hats off (or should I say hard hats off?) to the brave construction workers who erected this newest wonder of the world. I can't even clean the outside of my windows and I live on the second floor of an apt building.

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Interesting that there is no color in this photo. It's all gray--the clothes, the sky, the city, the structure of Sky Tree. Gray Tree.

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Even more interesting is the fact that the Emperor's suit matches the color of the window frame, and the Empress' outfit matches the color of the railing... Could be the "Emperor's new clothes"?

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Looks like they are jogging down hill.

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He looks so thin, someone give the Emperor something to eat.

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Noripinhead - Tokyo IS gray, from the moment you enter the clnic-like arrivals hall of Narita. Gray and clean.....

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What's up with all the thumbs down saying a nice thing about our Emperor?!

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A man of knowledge uses words with restraint ; and a man of understanding is even-tempered . ( Proverb 17:27) The emperor ( and empress) must be very happy about the achievement of Japanese people.

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Good to see the Emperor and Empress take the long walk. I wish both of them good health. Just glad there was not a major earthquake while they were there. I guess one fear I have and why I will not be going up it anytime soon!

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What's up with all the thumbs down saying a nice thing about our Emperor?!

I don't even think it has anything to do with the Emperor. People have been doing a lot of thumbs downing to the photo discussions for a few days now. Don't give it a thought. It doesn't mean anything.

They're such a nice couple. I hope things go well for them.

I agree on both 100%.

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You KNOW you're high up when even looking DOWN you have to see through the haze (or is that smog?)

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Pity about the smog. I'll take a pass on bothering with another from-on-high view, with all the others I've seen. I always thought Japan was fastidious about cleanliness. That should include the air.

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@Trevor: With 30 million+ people crammed into Tokyo and the surrounding areas I'm surprised that air isn't thick enough to cut with a knife!! I can imagine on a humid summer day seeing nothing from the windows.. but don't knock it till you try it I guess

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Looks like the Emperor is recovering nicely. The smog isn't that bad, you can still see Fuji from the limo bus on a good day. But I wonder how much this thing will move in an earthquake? Could you imagine being up there in a 6? Seasick anyone?

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looks so futuristic :) very cool

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