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A tunnel is lit up at Nabana no Sato theme park in Kuwana, Mie Prefecture. More than 7 million LEDs light up the park each night. The park’s illumination lasts until March 31 and covers 26,400 square meters. This year's theme is "Great Nature."

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Nice pics!!

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Great Scott! Great Nature, eh?

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Great Nature of LED makers.

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Looks pretty impressive, but unfortunately Japan spends so much of it's energy producing gaudy random senseless displays and monuments that it's impossible for anyone to take anything seriously nowadays. To me this just looks like a massive clump of Daiso xmas lights. Wouldn't surprise me if there is a character mascot waiting around the corner.

Nature my #rse!

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I want to go see this.

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I love light-up. Even the light-up that borders on gaudy. In the old days people could have bonfires as the days darkened into deep winter; however, modern urban dwellers don't have that option. It always cheers me up and reminds me of human-kind's creative defiance over the night. Great Human Nature--and done with so much variety in Japan.

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That is stunning.

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Hope they're not all wired in series.

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Don't want to be a kill-joy, but aren't we supposed to be saving energy this winter?

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That looks amazing!

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Hahaha, but wouldn't Nature be harder to see with all those distracting lights on?

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Seriously, if you get a chance to check this out this winter - do it! It is crazy. If unfortunately, family members are coming over to Japan, take them out to it, they wont forget it in a hurry.

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aren't we supposed to be saving energy this winter?

Yes, but consumers only. We suffer so that businesses may succeed.

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NATURE ??????

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C'mon people. "Lighten" up a little. And I use the pun "lightly"

I know Japan has gone through some hard times with the melt down, the tsunami, the power grid fiasco, etc. But let people look at these displays and let them forget about the bad and ugly for a little bit.

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Yeah, and summer fireworks basically burn money and pollute the air with noise and stink. Pretty much anything that is fun and "lightens" the heart is bad--for you, the environment, the bottom line. Take a beer out onto the street (because you can in Japan) and enjoy the fairy dust.

And to all the people wondering about "Nature" (Eehhh? Waaa?) think abstract art: The golden tunnel is a sunrise, see the rainbow, golden lava flows, blue rivers, bright trees, a sakura tunnel. Come on, it's not that hard.

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Take a beer out onto the street (because you can in Japan) and enjoy the fairy dust.

Can I take a glass or wine out instead? Beer tastes bad and makes me burp. :-)

If this thing is powered by solar energy, that would flick mud in the eye of those who say solar is useless at night. And would go perfectly with the theme of 'Great Nature'.

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It is beautiful!!! I would recommend to anyone. It is perfect for a date or for a family outing. One more advise forget about the pictures, unless you have a camera with a manual focus your pics are not going to turn out too good!!! Take your time to appreciate the sights instead!

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I went there last year. It is stunning and worth visiting!

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Nothing natural about it!

Its too bad so many Japanese cant enjoy the real deal, they have to lite up stuff, plant fields with sunflowers or lavender(then call it nature LOL!)..................

Get off yr arses people & go out & enjoy the real deal, ITS MUCH MUCH BETTER.

You want stuff like this go to Disney Land or Omotesando, no need to clutter up the outdoors, there is way to much fake crap as it is, enough already

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If you want to see what this overused crap REALLY looks like, go during the day & you will see the ugly wires & crap everywhere, there is way way too much of this kind of junk in Japan, REAL NATURE blows this crap away but too many just cant appreciate the natural world, everything has to be FULL ON ENTERTAINMENT......................

People need to get a REAL life there is way to much non-sense around as it is, not that I think many will but hey a guy can hope

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The pictures are great. I would love a visit for a first hand experience. Doesn't seem to be any harm in a temporary human enhancement of nature. Enjoy it now (or not) and in a couple of months enjoy it without the lights as well.

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Looks good.

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Hope they're not all wired in series.

It should be in a series- parallel combination. If all was connected in // it will overload PLAK !!!! .

I saw this one on a post on my FB. It made me super jealous. I REALLY WANT TO GO! T-T

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Looks good but can't help but think where the power is coming from :(

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What on earth does this have to do with nature? If anything, given KEPCO's whining that we need to keep the plants running 'or we'll have a shortage this winter' this is a detriment to nature.

Don't get me wrong, it's stunning, but I hope Naba-no-Sato can justify the use of power for this display. As for going to see it? No thanks. Tried it once a couple of years back and the crowds were ridiculous, not to mention everyone had their arms up in the air trying to take pics with their cell phones.

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Isn't it amazing how colors and musical sounds enrich our lives?

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I love Naban no sato we go to this light show every year now for the past 3 years and we go to all of their other flower festivals in between. During the day time you can see all of the lovely winter plants but there aren't many that is why this light show exists and the park is open at night during the winter only for this reason. They came up with a cool way of keeping business running even when there are no flowers because that is what this park is all about. People scoffing at them talking about nature because they are using lights well this park is all about nature year round, different flowers and events of each season but there just aren't that many blossoming flowers in the winter so they do the light show instead and it is always absolutely spectacular and new each year. I highly recommend it.

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Sorry dude but winter as a season has plenty of nature, one just has to open their eye, senses to see, hear & feel it.

But sadly most people wudnt know nature if it came up & bit them in the ...............

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Come on, GW, clearly, nature is best viewed through the glare of LED lights, and within the confines of a "theme park."

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Too much waste in artificial beauty. Dim all the lights in Tokyo on a clear moonless winter nigh on Sunday. Then look up to the sky and you will see the true beauty.

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Great nature of lights that uses power this country can't afford... They should stick with the flowers as it is much nicer!

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They have private power generation facilities. http://www.nagashima-onsen.co.jp/page.jsp?id=8596

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