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Green surroundings


A man eats snacks on a bench at Hibiya Park in Tokyo on Monday afternoon.

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wish i can find a place like this to eat lunch, sure relax my mind and stress

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One thing about spring which people notice of course in autumn is the changing colours of the leaves - in spring new leaves on different trees starting paler turning fuller green hues as they absorb more chlorophyll. It all can be quite picturesque on duller days, as in this picture.

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Hard to believe that pic was taken in tokyo. so beautiful.

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One of the nicer parks in Tokyo!

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Hibiya koen is a lovely park.

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It feels - and looks - like rainy season already.

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It's a great park to visit. At times I enjoy a meal on a bench next to the pond. Nice and quiet there in the middle of the city.

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An amazing experience, lose the Umbrella immerse and submerge in ones natural environment.

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