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A couple passes by rows of small statues of "jizo," the guardian deity of children, at Zojoji Buddhist temple in Tokyo, on Tuesday.

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correction: "the guardian deity of ABORTED children"

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@debucho - and miscarriages

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@debucho: close, but no sigar:

"guardian of children and patron deity of deceased children and aborted fetuses".

Btw fun fact, a jizo is also known as "Kshitigarbha", try saying that 3 times quickly.

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Are these the statues that also represent the children lost through abortion or infanticide through the practice of Mabiki after the war?

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Good Jizo info here to broaden your horizons before you perhaps post wrong or partial information.

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In the name of Jizo, I pray that everyone here can learn more about him and accept him as their personal guardian.

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@shonanbb: Well, as a matter of fact, I have been seeing many scenes of Jizo from my childhood. And yet I haven't been well versed in Jizo for many years. And now I have wised up. Thanks for the heads-up.

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Every time I visit Tokyo, I make it a point to visit this temple and display. It is a well tended reminder that many hoped-for children don't come to life - a reminder of how lucky we are to have made it.

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This is very beautiful.

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