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Popular mascot character Funassyi, center, attends a press conference at the Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan in Tokyo, on Thursday. Funassyi is the mascot for Funabashi in Chiba Prefecture.

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i don't know why, but i actually like funashi. perhaps i've been in japan too long...

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I love Funashi. So cute. Funny person inside for sure.

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rickyvee, Don't worry, I think his energy and movements are pretty funny too. Definitely a funny person in there.

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can't wait till he's voted in as PM

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Meh, funashi is okay. The person inside is actually a pretty outstanding guy if I have to believe the gossip. There is already a copycat called Nebaaaru! sigh.

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Kumamon wasn't available, so this one was plan B.

-2 ( +2 / -4 )

So, was there any reason why this was at a press conference?

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The person inside owns all the rights to Funashi so more power to that guy.

Like him or hate him I think we can all agree when its annoying as Hades when this character's name is romanized as 'funaSYI' and not 'funaSHI'.

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SMH. I find Funassyi entertaining too but that doesn't mean for one second that I think he/she/it belongs at the Press Club.

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I wonder when "Fukuppy" the Fukushima mascot will appear?

I jest you not: http://www.theguardian.com/world/2013/oct/15/fukuppy-fukushima-mascot-japan-fridge-egg-name

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For many people who may question Funashi's presence at the distinguished Foreign Correspondent's Club, the Foreign Correspondent's Club isn't distinguished. It's a time for journos to celebrate themselves, have fun, attack an open bar, and meet interesting people.

from the Asahi Shinbun, so take it for what it's worth:

"The Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan (FCCJ) in Tokyo's Yurakucho district has served as a haven for overseas journalists reporting on Japan’s breathtaking changes since the end of World War II. It was the place to be for media people and often the venue for news conferences by the top newsmakers of the day.

But now, the famed club is mired in problems and confusion. Amid a changing media environment, the FCCJ management itself has been embroiled in prolonged disorder and disruption culminating in a lawsuit last year between management against employees."


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I thought it was another Funzo (Abe-san) interview being reported before I read the caption.

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So, was there any reason why this was at a press conference?

Funasshi is a goofy pandering mascot like any other individual who has sat in that seat, I don't understand why there would be any exception in this case.

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Bet he made more sense than most of the politicians who apeear at the Press Club. agree, what about giving Fukuppy a chance?

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I wonder when "Fukuppy" the Fukushima mascot will appear?

I could have sworn I heard that name would be/has been changed ?

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I can't watch Funasshi without laughing my head off, he's one yurukyara I enjoy.

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Popular mascot character Funassyi, center,

JT, get the romaji right please! Yeah I know I am a pain in the arse, but you fail to realize your potential!

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its like somebody inside is on speed and is connected to a tazer all at the same time

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Funasshi (Funassyi) is actually a 'rough' mascot. The official one for Funabashi was so breathtakingly boring Funasshi (Funassyi) appeared independently. Love it when he took down Kumanmon (the whimp) backstage at Kohhaku. @wtfjapan - whaddyamean "someone inside"?

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Why is iy spelled Funassyi?

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While I agree the spelling of his name is annoying, it was an intentional choice. He wants his name to be pronounced kind of halfway between a hard "si" and a soft "shi," rather than a full soft "shi". Call it a subtle artistic choice. It looks painfully ugly when written out in romaji, but that's the way the creator wanted it, so end of story I guess!

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