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Naomi is the best.

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Yes they would if there was something unusual about their hair or an interesting picture.

For example here is an article about Dustin Brown's dreadlocks.


John McEnroe's hair and headband were hardly ever out of the news at one time, which you can google for yourself if you have never heard of him.

Why is everyone on the planet so patheticially desperate to dive in with their outraged objections on anything with even the remotest possible connection to anything "--ist" these days ?

Find something more worthwhile to direct your anger and energy at, your passion could be so much better used.

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Lee - Totally agree with you. Many more important things to be passionate about.

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Than hair...

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For those of us losing hair where it ought to be and growing it where it ought not to be, we say "down with this sort of thing".

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OK, you want to look at men's hair, then take a look at this:


Sadly, now follically challenged.

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Many more important things to be passionate about.

Don't we also need some lighthearted articles once in a while. It's too depressing to read about murder after murder or Abe after Abe.

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Why is everyone on the planet so patheticially desperate to dive in with their outraged objections on anything... 

A bit of an exaggeration, methinks. Zichi asked a question. Would we? How is that pathetic or desperate or outraged or even an objection?

However, thank you Lee for pointing out that the answer is 'yes.' Someone had dreadlocks.

I checked in to see how many comments might say that she was 'not Japanese.' Thankfully none (so far).

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zichiJune 14  11:44 am JST Sorry would we also talk about the hair of a male tennis player?

Were it that voluminous and multi-hued, yes. Stop looking for outrage where it doesn't exist. It will do your blood pressure a world of good.

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Pukey2June 14  10:06 pm JST Sadly, now follically challenged.

He was follically challenged even then - thin and already receding. Just a better looking version of Riff-Raff.


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DudeRess !

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