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Hair-raising experience


Kazuhiro Watanabe, 40, a fashion designer from Tokyo, shows off his 1.13-meter hairdo in New York City's Washington Square Park. To make it stand upright, he says it takes stylists two hours, one can of gel and three cans of hairspray. The New York appearance was to promote the newest version of the Guinness World Records book, which for the first time includes Watanabe. See story here.

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I think this guy can get a job representing Tokyo Sky Tree??

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Dangerous during a thunderstorm :p

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Not strange at all first thing in the morning. I'm sure his mother is very proud.

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Apparently it's only one follicle too.

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At least he's assured of a place in Buddhist heaven!

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Must be hard to drive with that. Guess he has a convertible.

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