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Halloween already?


Too early? Halloween goods are being sold at Lincos supermarket in Azabujuban, Tokyo.

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Waaaay too early.

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About right. 2 months ahead. Christmas starts day after Halloween

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Japan does this all the time for the money and yes to early they do the same with Xmas

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it’s a bloody joke, but it’s all about the ¥¥¥

be prepared for companies to be promoting Easter soon in Japan. They’ve realised there’s lots of ¥¥¥ to be made there too

4 ( +5 / -1 )

Silly is - silly does!

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Here in Columbus OH I went into a Kroger store yesterday; they had just replaced the school supplies with Hallowe'en candy (like they usually do this time of year). Guess it's the same in Japan.

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Nothing is sure for 100%. So when you say , it’s 2 months ahead in the shelves, it also very well could be 10 or 22 months behind. lol

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I have been to about three different stores with halloween goods already.

@tooheysnew you are spot on. Easter has been slipping in over the last couple of years, I don't mind though as I can get easter eggs/ candy for my kids.

To be fair though, it's not just halloween / Xmas. Fashion as well. My local Dept. store is all fall clothing and jackets now, all T-shirts on the bargain racks. Love that about Japan. The prices they flog off season clothing for is crazy cheap.

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@Tooheynew: Being waiting for companies here to get on the easter wagon for years, but maybe it's just too much of a cross to bear?

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Oh for crying out loud. Can we also have the Xmas decorations out now too?

Everyone single food product seems to have 'Halloween' printed on the packaging. Cookies, chips, chocolates, pizza, you name it. Reminds me of Easter these past 1 or 2 years when every damn product containing eggs has Easter printed on it.

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I’ve a feeling that the Valentine’s Day giri-choco is slowly dying out, so the chocolate companies will need a new cash cow

Oh for crying out loud. Can we also have the Xmas decorations out now too?

They’ll be out 1st November 12:01am

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