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Hands up


Prime Minister Shinzo Abe shouts "Banzai" with his party lawmakers after he was re-elected Liberal Democratic Party leader during a plenary meeting in Tokyo on Thursday.

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Ah, democracy at its best.

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In the words of David Peel ... "Up against the wall ....."

2 ( +4 / -2 )

Why not mean "we surrender"... we got caught... we're crooks and never had the citizens' needs as our priority...

5 ( +5 / -0 )

"Hand up"??? I thought that had another meaning.

But, hey, if they're really gonna surrender, why not. Would make my day!

3 ( +3 / -0 )

All together now... up and down, up and down....

Radio taiso..... LDP style.

1 ( +1 / -0 )

The next time they shout banzai will probably be before a rising sun flag. Seems to be what the government wants.

4 ( +4 / -0 )

Hands up! Now- Down on your knees! Bow! Assume the position!

1 ( +1 / -0 )

Hoped this was at a press conference and someone asked "raise both hands if your a fascist."

2 ( +3 / -1 )

“Tomorrow will definitely be better than today!”

We can see the bright future and guiding light by the way everybody in this picture is enthusiastically raising both arms high in the traditional mudra gesture of "truth, will, out".

0 ( +0 / -0 )

They were actually all shouting "Bonsai!" and showing with their hands the size of the pots they would like to put their little trees in...

0 ( +1 / -1 )

One is reminded of Burroughs description of these evil, decrepit politicians as "vampires" feeding off the energy of a population.

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