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Japanese fans cheer on their team during the Olympic men's soccer match between Japan and Spain at Hampden Park Stadium in Glasgow, Scotland, on Thursday. Japan won 1-0.

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Didn't they do well!

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She is cute!

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What I really like about watching the National team play in Japan is that it's great fun. There are as many girls as guys and it's just a great atmosphere - no violence, no fear, no intimidation. That's the way it should be.

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Indeed, I remember when the World Cup was hosted here, Japan has some of the best fans for sports anywhere.

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Bye, Spain.

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I couldn't agree more!! The fun and sharing that this picture engenders (alright it is only a snapshot!!) is so much more appealing than the hate-ridden verbal tirade and general feeling of utter contempt for people who happen to support another club that I experienced growing up in the UK - Go Japan

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I bet they will frame their ticket of that game.

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I didn't see this match but the Japan v Canada one, but one of the endearing memories was of the happiness and friendliness of the spectators and the Olympic helpers who were plentiful an helpful, the local helpers often trying to chat to the Japanese and learn how to say welcome etc in Japanese from the spectators and enjoy the fun. A happy evening and the Japanese fans always bring along some characters and lots of people dressed up for the fun. One point of potential cultural difference i heard discussed:

"cheer your team" or "cheer your team and boo the other team"

Quite a few Japanese weren't impressed with the later attitude. Also in other sports booing just ins't good manners/on. Anyway I didnt see the Japanese football fans booing at similar incidents on pitch that the other team often did. What do you think?

So continue the Happy days as the title says.

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Sayaka!!!!!! haha

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Missed the game as I had a driving lesson, but on the way home I had to crawl through traffic diverted because of the game at Hampden.

This photo shows how sport should be celebrated... as HarryHillLover said, foortball in Britain is too hostile. Why can't they be like rugby fans?

I agree... she is very pretty.

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I'm a Moroccan citizen, and im looking forward to see the match between Morocco Vs Japan which will take plcae on the 29th of this Month . GAMBATI !!!!!!!!

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This photo shows how sport should be celebrated... as HarryHillLover said, foortball in Britain is too hostile. Why can't they be like rugby fans?

If you think that football in Britain is too hostile, wait until you watch a football match in Greece, especially one of Olympiakos - Panathinaikos. It is more like going to a war zone, and no, it is not nice.

I also think that Japanese fans are great and among the most civilized ones around the world...

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The lady in that picture sure is "Kawaii".

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they be drowning their sorrows in sangria in Madrid today...

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Yeah, I was very pleased to see both Morocco and Japan win. It will be an interesting match.

As far as hostile goes when I was in Antwerp during the Euro cup a decade ago the riot police were pre-positioned and ready to go for every match. Guess they anticipated trouble, but there wasn't any. I am much happier with Japanese fans (and tourists) they are much more polite!

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