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Kayoko Fukushi of Japan poses with a Japanese flag for photographers as she celebrates her third place in the women's marathon during the IAAF World Athletics Championships in Moscow on Saturday. Kenya's Edna Ngeringwony Kiplagat took the gold, while Italy's Valeria Straneo won the silver medal.

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Congratulations! 3rd is pretty good compared to the other 6,999,999,997 living on earth.

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It wasn't about winning third place, it's about commitment.

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Great to see her win a medal. Her best event was the 5km (she holds the Japan record for that). Despite being a 6 time champion in Japan, she could never beat the Kenyans and Ethiopians at Worlds and the Olympics. She ran her first marathon in 2008 but failed miserably after hitting a wall at the 30km mark. Looks like she can handle marathons now!

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Her smile says it all, she just loves to run.

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How about a pic of the winner for once?

You are reading the Japan Today website. To see the winners picture try Kenya Today.

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I watched most of the race and enjoyed it. I think the start time of 7pm JST / 2pm Moscow Time was hard on the runners.

It was nice to see a marathoner flash a huge smile during the last 200 meters or so.

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Great to hear, congratulatoins.

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I'm impressed Japan took 3rd and 4th. Congratulations on a good showing.

Too bad Noguchi dropped out. I think she may be past her peak.

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What a contrast, Fukushi was smiling but Kizaki was in tears.

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I think the start time of 7pm JST / 2pm Moscow Time was hard on the runners.

Japan asked for that time for the TV audience.

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When Usain Bolt achieved the title of the fastest man in the world,he received a Nissan GTR from Nissan Maybe Fukushi will score a Micra....?

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How about a pic of the winner for once?

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WOW 3rd PLACE !!!!!!!!!

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