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And a new cold wave coming in before New Years. The snow country areas are going to get totally powdered!

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I want to spend my next year winter in Hokkaido.

Enjoy snow, Onsen, Hot Nabe and Hot Sake.

Hokkaido People are the most relaxed people I ever met.

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Hé is not on the platform !

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It must be very cold. Thank you for the hard work.

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The platform at Tomamu Station is quite low, less than 50 centimetres above the railbed. The platform is also narrow; barely 2 metres in width. The perspective of the photo hides one of the two rails, which can be seen more clearly in this photograph:


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Love Hokkaido, the food, atmosphere, etc, but, I don't want to be there now. Ishigaki or even further south for this sun lover.

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Totally agree. Looking at this photo, I am so glad we moved to Okinawa from Sapporo. Here, when it gets down to 14C, people wear overcoats and complain about how cold it is!

Give me sunshine, every time!

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But its also an easy job. No hassle from anyone. Just on your own. Plus pay is very good. Only if you don't care about the dignity.

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Only if you don't care about the dignity.

What is undignified about this? I don't understand the comment.

I would invest in a walk behind snow blower - sacrifice the serenity for an hour to get that cleared though.

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Ugh,... still can't get the qoutes right on my phone!

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Yes hard work but beautiful sight!

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