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KitKat Chocolatory Sublimes are seen at the KitKat Chocolatory Ginza main store in Tokyo. KitKats are one of the most popular chocolate brands in Japan, with a myriad of flavors, some unique to each prefecture.

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Two fingers per pack.  most of these taste pretty good.  not the same, Dango.  and don't be a snob, Peter K.

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Didn't know they has specific flavours for prefectures.  Wonder what the Gunma one is, 'Yaki manju' flavour?  Nah, apple or pear, I suppose.

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love macha kit kats

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They don't look like Kit-Kats. What form do they take - minisize, regular two-finger, or large block?

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nice packaging for same chocolate to jack up the prices. Cool!

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Kit-Kat is a crappy brand with less the average taste of chocolate. I do not understand the popularity of it in Asia. If this was a Lindt & Sprungli store that would be a different matter fully justified.

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