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A sparrow pecks at cherry blossoms at a park in Tokyo. Cherry blossoms are expected to reach their peak in Tokyo on the weekend.

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Nice shot, Hoshiko-san !

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@Wakarimasen yes they are perfectly edible (I cannot vouch for the taste).

The seeds however, can contain trace amounts of cyanide, so I would advice not eating those. (If you are worried about potential cyanide in the flowers, you can try steaming them just to be sure, there shouldn't be any though)

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At the High School where I work, I've seen Japanese White Eyes doing this to the plum blossoms

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Great picture, Mr. Hoshiko.

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Sipping that nectar at the base of the flowers!

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So the full-blown spring rolls around on weekend. Actually, it was rather warm in Tokyo today. Beautiful shot!

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When it comes to sparrows or other birds pecking, what are they doing? That's what I have been thinking about it.

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Are sakura edible? Must try one.

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