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Shower looks like making another flood.

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that's a good way to prevent a big fire from spreading

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So far as I can see from the picture, most of the water jets are pointing away from the houses? Watering the garden?

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This looks like a plumbing/pressure test for hoses temporarily pointed away from the houses.

If a Japanese thatched roof catches fire, the roof will quickly lose integrity and burning thatch will fall inside the house, usually within minutes. Bamboo is typically used as rafters, and that burns really intensely. On the inside, the thatch is exposed to below because they use smoke from a permanently lit hearth to keep the thatch dry and stop rotting/insects. Even with the smoke, Japanese thatch only lasts thirty years.

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It is sprinklers testing, once a year. Shirakawa had full bucket of rain yesterday, no need to wet the roofs.

The houses are 200+ years old, they last far longer than 30 years. What is 30 years is roof replacement.

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California could use a system like that!

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