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Arnold Schwarzenegger, center, poses with, from left, Gabriel Luna, Mackenzie Davis, Linda Hamilton and Natalia Reyes at a news conference in Tokyo on Tuesday ahead of the Japan premiere of "Terminator: Dark Fate," which opens in Japan on Friday. See related story here.

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A short lot! Arnie’s just a little taller than Cruise - even the SFX terminator they had in Planet Hollywood for years in Sydney was only 5 foot 7 or so.

Curious about plot gymnastics for bringing him back.

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MacKenzie is around 5'10" without heels and Luna is 6'1". No way Arnold is the listed 6'2' unless he shrunk.

Anyhow this movie underperformed at the box office this weekend.

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 Planet Hollywood for years in Sydney 

I remember the Sly Stallone mannequin looking down from the ceiling.Twas freaky.

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