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Even the girl in the poster seems to be feeling the heat as two businessmen are seen outside a train station in Tokyo.

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Looking at her gives me a cool sensation already in this wretched hot weather!

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No! The girl is squinting her eyes.... It's an ad for contact lenses.

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Changing the perspective a little, it's as if this girl is playing with her little Kenji kun dolls.

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Is that Gu-San on the left?

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At the guy with the cell phone isn't dumb walking.

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Bass old boy, speak for yourself! I can look at all of these lovely Japanese gals in yukatas, but I am still sweating like a pig! I hate this hot and HUMID weather!!

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Kiss1969 yes you are correct. That commercial for the eye contacts is funny because that guy thought he was receiving a love look from the young lady, but she was squinting her eyes trying to read a sign near him.

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What a nice pout and yukata!

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You are seriously correct. Nothing is more alluring than to see Japanese women in the summer wearing a Yukata, absolutely stunning, these are the little things that make Japan beautiful. Wish more of them would keep that tradition.

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Here's a contact lens commercial with the same girl, background is different, though.


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I feel for you all. It's been in the upper 20s/lower 30s here in Virginia in the USA. One thing I don't miss about Japan is the heat and humidity, especially in the Tokyo Area...

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She is beautiful even when distressed

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